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    Tree Trimming As a Pest Control

    You may be surprised to learn that your pest control issues aren’t coming from the ground, but instead they’re coming up through cracks in between boards on top of a layer or two – layers which are designed specifically for eavesdropping.

    When trees are in good shape, they serve as pest highways for insects and pests to travel through. The healthier the tree is on both sides (the roots holding onto soil plus its canopy), then this role becomes easier because there’s less competition from other plants or animals trying take up space inside your home’s boundaries The greater access an insect has into another building via garden path walls improves their chances at Survival so long as it doesn’t lead back outside where we can see them buzzing around!

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    When you trim the trees near your home in order to eliminate overhanging branches, it effectively closes down a wildlife highway that once ran straight across one’s roof. If you need  Tree Trimming  you’ll want to contact Green Planet Tree Services.  – This will discourage wild animals from jumping onto this person’s property and getting into their attic where they could cause problems or make nests for critters!

    The debris that falls from trees can be a pest attractant for pests to your home. Leaves, sticks and branches act as shelters which lead insects into nest in gutter systems or eaves of roof where they will undoubtedly find their way inside when you don’t trim them!

    It’s no secret that trees provide a home for many animals, but did you know they also serve as an attraction to bugs? Ants and cockroaches love climbing up into your branches in search of food. When we trim our tree leaves or remove any dead wood from them with pruning shears, it lessens their access points into the house which makes living there easier on us humans too!